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Factory Beer Boat


We present images of the manufacture of these devices.

BEER BIKE SPAIN has the factory located in Canals, near the town of Xativa on the street Dr. Saurina No. 19, our facilities have 1600 m². From here it is manufactured and distributed Beer Boats worldwide.

Our factory has capacity to produce about a Beer Cycle Boat per week in full production.

We develop and produce most of the parts of the Beer Cycle Boat in our factory.

Some pieces are entrusted to other specialized companies that produce certain parts purposely to Beer Cycle Boat Spain.

100% of the pieces of the Beer Cycle Boat are manufactured in Europe, and most of them in Spain.

You want to see Beer Boat factory? Want to visit us?

We invite you to visit us whenever you want free of charge, our factory is a humble factory, as it has many years because it was a village smithy of Canals earlier for more than 25 years, and has no means can have a modern factory however our desire to work and our enthusiasm outweigh the downside.

Toni Mira pick you up at the airport of Valencia and you will see our facilities, it will also answer any questions that you may have.

If you want to visit, write to inform us in advance of your visit to info@pedalcycleboat.com