Why do business with Beer Cycle Boat?

Sale – Franchise


If you want to buy a Beer Cycle Boat or Party Cycle Boat finally you find us, contact us and we’ll keep purchase prices and extras available.

Since 2012 we develop and improve our model, currently we sell the Beer Cycle Boat 1.2 which is the best technologically designed, in the market and an unbeatable value.

We remind you that we offer 2 year warranty on Beer Cycle Boat.

Why do business with Beer Cycle Boat?

We propose to make a business with a very low investment.
You can put your business up and running in no time.
Depend on yourself that your business work. If you move, you’re promoting, you make deals with event agencies, you publicize ultimately, if you put forward your business will work.
The rental business of the Beer Cycle Boat has no large fixed costs such as electricity, water, gas, rent, etc., so you do not have the pressure if you do not work.
You can combine it with your work or other business, even if you know how to promote yourself you can live only with your Beer Cycle Boat business.

WHAT Beer Cycle Boat INCLUDES?

• 12 seats with pedals. • Ability to up to 12 + 1 crew TOTAL 13 people. • Gears with Spanish technology patent. • Pinion Shimano bearings and plates. • Radio with USB and auxiliary input. • 1 speaker 400W. • Battery that allows an autonomy of 8 hours. • complete electrical system. • Wiring inside the chassis. • Approx 550kg weight. • Made of the best steel, aluminum and fiberglass. • Value unmatched. • Manufactured according to the European model. • Barrel fiber with very little weight. • CE approval of all the ship.

Quick Budget Beer Boat / Party Bike

With this business you can move and move, you do not need your customers come to you. Buying a Beer Cycle Boat, you are creating jobs of people who manufacture it and also with your business you’re going to create jobs. When you buy a Beer Cycle Boat are buying an asset that is not fixed anywhere, in the worst case you can sell it, but if you do it well it will never happen.

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